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QUESTION 62 Which technology provides the least amount of input to the data center solution requirements? A. cloud compute B. storage C. desktop D. network Correct Answer: A QUESTION 63 Which statement about Cisco VM-FEX technology is true? A. VM-FEX collapses virtual and physical networking infrastructure into a single infrastructure that is fullyaware of the virtual machine locations and networking policies. B. VM-FEX requires a Cisco VIC CNA and supports only static vNICs and single-OS deployments. C. VIC CNAs provide software-based switching of traffic to and from virtual machine interfaces. D. VM-FEX eliminates the need for VMware integration and virtual machine management performed through the VMware vCenter. E. The Cisco VICs supports up to 1024 dynamic virtual adapters and interfaces. Correct Answer: A
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QUESTION 64 Which option is an example of the network services that are provided at the aggregation layer of the data center network? A. OTV B. MPLS C. LISP D. ACE Correct Answer: D QUESTION 65 Which Cisco product is the least likely example of an access layer switch within the data center network? A. Cisco Nexus 1000v B. Cisco Nexus 5500 C. Cisco Nexus 7000 D. Cisco MDS 9222i Correct Answer: D