QUESTION 54 What represents the number of bits in an IPv6 address? A. 32-bit dotted hex B. 48-bit dotted hex C. 64-bit dotted hex D. 128-bit dotted hex E. 160-bit dotted hex Correct Answer: D QUESTION 55 Which technology has the benefit of significant reduction in cabling at the access layer? A. FCoE B. DCBX C. FIP D. distributed FCF E. 802.1Qbb Correct Answer: A
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QUESTION 56 Which NHRP features active and standby virtual gateways? A. GLBP B. VRRP C. HSRP D. SSO E. NSF Correct Answer: A QUESTION 57 Which access-layer device is capable of low-latency 40 Gb Ethernet switching? A. Cisco Nexus 5596UP B. Cisco Nexus 4000 C. Cisco Nexus 3016 D. Cisco Nexus 2232 E. Cisco Nexus 2248 Correct Answer: C
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