Capitalism decides that.

Did they start spamming like, yeaterday? Pretty bad skills imo. Also, I need the method of calculation, because I’d need to apply it to different numbers. Can you show me a society that does not use money or capitalism that has destroyed nature? If technology is not the problem what is?

Depending on how many people are at the school you could ask 100 of them and then you might get a good idea of the prevalence of left handedness at that school.You could always try a method known as bootstrapping but you need statistics software to do that, which you can get for free pretty easily, and the method has its drawbacks. If they post a link, the post will need approval from Admin/Mods first. Damn…these guys are so noob lol. Originally Posted by G Bronson Often I find myself thinking that all we need is a new technological solution for the problems we face–carbon sequestration for global warming, GMO for food security etc.–but lately I’ve been feeling like this reasoning is flawed.Going back to what is essentially the first significant piece of technology, agriculture, we can see destruction of ecosystems in salinization–and for on throughout history it seems that there are unforeseen costs for technology often larger than the gains which that technology brings–HFCs were godsends until we found they distroyed O3, fossil fuels and climate, industrialism and air pollution, fertilizers and deadzones.

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